About us

  • Passion for naturalness, loyalty to our values - quality, belief in the philosophy of sustainable, modern and stylish homes, led to the fact that we export EVABOX products not only to Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, America and Asia, but also open the first EVABOX online store, where you can find sustainable, cozy home accessories that created and perfected in our workshop in Vilnius.

    EVABOX a name well known to furniture industry manufacturers since 2013, many years of experience and determination have led us to great achievements that we are proud of, we do not stop looking for new opportunities and continue to strive to maintain the highest quality guarantee, as well as rapidly grow and expand production. In 2022, EVABOX presents the latest, refined project – online home decor store – www.EVABOX shop.eu

    Having accumulated twenty years of work experience, we can say that we know our customers really well and we have no doubt that you will love and appreciate www.EVABOXshop.eu products - as we love them!


    We use it in production modern ir innovative technologies that optimize production processes, we use wood resources moderately and responsibly. The EVABOX team has over 40 employees, each of whom is responsible for a certain process, without which the smooth operation of the production chain would be difficult.

    Why three wood?

    EVABOX HOME DÉCOR we use the three most popular woods in the production of products – maple, oak and walnut. In exceptional cases, you can find smoked oak products in our assortment, which is considered an extremely luxurious and highly valued wood. Long-term experience allows us to conclude that the demand for wood fluctuates with the prevailing trends, we believe that maple, oak and walnut wood products, which have already become classics, will harmoniously fit into your interior.


    Complement the design of individual homes with natural wood interior details, maintain harmony and balance between minimalism, sustainability and practicality.


    To create long-lasting, high-quality, sustainable and stylish, as well as health-safe home accessories that blend harmoniously into every interior.


    Respect - to the world, nature, customers, partners and colleagues.

    Actuality - We are open to new opportunities, new experiences, we always strive for the highest quality.

    Positive attitude - We look at every situation “broadly” and positively, we are looking for a solution so that all parties are satisfied.

    Design - minimalist design that matches every interior. In the production of wooden accessories, we use three main woods: oak, maple and walnut, and you can also notice some exclusive products that are made of particularly luxurious smoked oak wood.

    Uniqueness - The EVABOX brand is our ideas, values and experiences that we convey in our work.