Universal knife holder

  • Universal knife holder

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    A universal knife holder - convenient and ergonomic to use, a sustainable solution for your kitchen. BLONDE, dominate maple solid wood.

    EVABOX Home Decor
  • - A universal knife holder created in the EVABOX workshop. Convenient and ergonomic use, a sustainable solution for your kitchen.

    - Exclusive and proven design. Wooden surfaces help keep knife blades sharp for longer, and also help prevent microplastic particles from entering the body.

    - Handmade home accessory made of 100% natural materials, so the wood pattern and color may differ from the one shown in the photo.

    - We used vegetable oil for finishing, which is entirely safe for use in contact with foodstuffs.  

    - We recommend ONLY cleaning with a damp cloth, drying immediately after getting wet, do not use aggressive cleaning agents and protect from direct sunlight.

    - We recommend impregnating/renewing after some time with edible oil (You can use the Linseed oil you have at home).

    - The product is made of hardwood wood, so we recommend that you follow the product care instructions to ensure that the product lasts a long time.

    - The product size is 186x105x220 mm ( width x length x height ). Tolerance can be up to +/- 3 mm.

    - The product weight is 1190 g. Tolerance can be up to +/- 50 g.

    - Wood types: dominate maple + walnut and dominate walnut + maple

    - If you can't find the quantity you need, contact us: info@evaboxshop.eu  

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